Hi, all! Let’s start with the most obvious introduction – My name is Sandra Ross, and I write erotic, sexy romances!

Of course, as soon as I say that, the most frequently asked question is – Why? Well, while most authors write stories for a general audience, I chose to write love stories that have excitement and sex. When I first started, a lot of people didn’t agree with this decision, telling me it could be unwise – considering the limitations, perhaps, of the general reading public who want to read this type of story. But, does it matter? I feel that authors should write what they feel passionate about, regardless of what people want to read. And it is my commitment to continuing in this genre that makes me happy, and hopefully, makes you who read my stories happy as well. At ten years old, I held my first romance novel, and it was in that moment that I knew I would grow up to be a romance author. Now, at thirty-one, I don’t simply read romance stories—I live with romance day by day, happily married to a wonderful, incredibly sexy husband. It’s the maturity I’ve reached through time with him that got me acquainted with intense emotions in sensual lovemaking sessions. And, those feelings – they linger, and I feel are worthy to be shared! I should say that sexual emotions and steamy romance are challenging for me to translate into words, but with a little artistic imagination and a committed dedication, I am trying to communicate the eroticism of romance, with sex as a big part—which it is! My wish for you, dear reader, is that every page of my romance stories that you read sends shivers to all the most delicate parts of your anatomy, including your heart. That, to me, is the pleasure of reading – literally. That, to me, is the symbol of imparting not just a book, but a legacy.